District Superintendent: Rev. J. Scott Shaw

Pastor Scott oversees the ministry of the Intermountain District by encouraging and resourcing pastors and churches so that the good news of Jesus may be planted in the lives of people and communities, take root through discipleship, and thrive as we live out God's vision and mission.  Prior to joining the Intermountain District in this role in 2015, Pastor Scott served in pastoral ministry in churches of different sizes, including involvement in church planting, church revitalization, and leadership of an established church to remain vibrant within a community.  He is intentional about understanding and engaging every area of ministry on the district with the hope of helping to maximize their effectiveness.  Pastor Scott has a deep desire that people everywhere will know Jesus and experience the goodness of God through life in Him, giving hope as we look at our past, present, and future.

Assistant District Superintendent: Rev. Brent Deakins

In his role as Assistant District Superintendent, Pastor Brent's primary focus is on church planting and church renewal.  This role draws on his personal calling and experiences in missionary work, church planting, and executive pastor ministry, including strategy development and training in those various roles.  He also serves more locally by ministering to family members and neighbors, and serving in a new church plant starting fall 2021.  In all of these, he is passionate about seeing revival take place and the Great Commission and Great Commandment fulfilled as local churches are renewed in their calling to share the good news of Jesus.

Office Administrator: Rev. Lindsay Vernor

Lindsay VernorIn her role as office administrator, Pastor Lindsay combines her years of experience serving on staff at a local church with her previous experience as a law firm administrator.  She brings her pastoral compassion to the office and strives to serve the district's churches, leadership team, partners and guests such that each person is valued, seen, and heard.  In addition to her work at the District Office, Pastor Lindsay serves faithfully at her local church in various roles, including preaching, while also balancing this with her family and her classes through NNU's online M.Div. program.

District Secretary: Rev. Joy Streight

As District Secretary, Pastor Joy ensures that accurate records are kept, deadlines are met, materials and servant-leaders are available for Disrict Assembly, and ordinands are prepared for the service of ordination.  Her years as a local church pastor and prior experience in business have been helpful in this role.  For Joy, every administrative task is connected to precious people.  She enjoys coordinating many parts to accomplish good purposes more effectively, and she enjoys working with others in meetings.  Joy serves also as lead pastor of Boise Castle Hills Church of the Nazarene, and on the District Education, Nominating, and Finance Committees, the Board of Ministry, and the NNU Board of Trustees.

District Discipleship (NDI) Leader: Dr. Tim Brewer

Pastor Tim leads the District Discipleship (NDI) Team in its mission to resource and inspire local churches in the call to "THRIVE" as Christ-followers.  He has been involved in a Sunday School class and/or other discipleship group since his teen years, when he gave his life to Christ.  He has also had several excellent mentors.  All of these experiences have cultivated Tim's passion for meeting others where they're at in their faith journeys and helping them take their next step toward Jesus.  In addition to leading the District Discipleship Team, Pastor Tim serves as lead pastor of Ontario Church of the Nazarene.

District Missions (NMI) Leader: Jaeson Rogers

Jaeson RogersJaeson leads the District Missions (NMI) team, focusing on cross-cultural engagement to express the full love, compassion and hope of Jesus Christ for all people.  The work of NMI is to encourage all Christ-followers to participate in sharing the good news of Jesus both locally and around the world by praying, facilitating, financing, welcoming, and/or mobilizing.  The heart of this work is a realization that we share in the covenant (Genesis 12:2-3), both blessed and equipped to be a blessing to others in the name of Christ.  Jaeson's personal engagement with the work of missions includes twenty years of involvement with Perspectives, participation in eleven Work & Witness projects between 2013 and 2019, and involvement with refugee communities on the Intermountain District.

District Youth (NYI) Leader: Rev. Richard Vasquez

Pastor Rich serves as the District NYI (Nazarene Youth International) President.  He graduated from Northwest Nazarene University in 2002 with a degree in business administration, then earned his MA in Church Leadership from Southern Nazarene Universitiy.  Rich is also an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene.  He has served as youth pastor for Canyon Hill Church of the Nazarene for twenty years.  Rich enjoys spending time with his wife and their three children.

Executive Camps Director: Rick Waitley

Mr. Waitley provides leadership for Trinity Pines Camp & Conference Center in Cascade, Idaho, working with the boards, committees, and Camp Manager as they minister through district camps/retreats and as they serve others who also use the facility.  Rick's years of experience in administration are a great asset, especially when combined with his love for people and his desire to serve.  He appreciates the passions and talents of the many people who invest in the camp programs and facility development.  In addition to his district ministry role, he has been part of Valley Shepherd Church of the Nazarene for a number of years, with ministries including major building projects, cooking for events, being an usher, and serving on the 100th Anniversary Planning Committee.

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