Midtown Church Plant

2021 11 07MidTown Launch smMidtown Church (a new church plant in Boise) was created to see people living their fullest possible lives by following Jesus, being part of a healthy and loving community, and using their gifts and abilities to help others.  On November 7, 2021, Midtown held its first-ever Midtown Gathering — a time each month to connect with God, each other, and ourselves.  The night included worship, Communion, a time of reflection for All Saints Sunday, and a message about hope from lead pastor Trevor Lubiens.  As this church plant continues to grow, we're excited to see how God uses Midtown to impact the Treasure Valley and beyond.  All are invited to the next Midtown Gathering, which will happen on December 5th at 6pm at Tree City Church.  To learn more about Midtown Church, visit www.midtownchurch.us.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Sign showing different pathsThe Intermountain District is looking for spiritual entrepreneurs. As Carey Nieuwhof has described, "Spiritual entrepreneurs are the kind of leaders who will find tomorrow’s solutions when most leaders can only see the problem." How do you know if you are a spiritual entrepreneur? Check out this blog post by Carey.

If you are interested in a conversation about leading a new and innovative ministry or starting a new church, contact Brent Deakins.

Community Development at Nyssa

Nyssa Nazarene is finding new ways to connect with their community.  In addition to their community food bank, they recently added a new, updated coffee shop in one of the buildings lining the main drag of the town.  The space had sat unused and vacant for several years, but has been transformed through partnerships in the church and community, including financial help, donated items, and Pastor Steve's gifts for reclaiming the disused to make something new.  As a united group, they have been shaping beautiful new space for the benefit of the whole community.  They are planning a grand opening for October 8, with a Friday evening of music, fellowship, and (of course) coffee.  They are planning regular coffee shop hours 9am-1pm on Wednesdays and 1pm-6pm, plus a monthly worship service gathering.  Next time you are in Nyssa, stop by the shop and enjoy!

2021 District Ministry Team Retreat

District Pastors and Spouses Retreat 2021 was a time of great food, fellowship, and preaching with the warm hospitality of Trinity Pines.  Dr. Randy Craker encouraged and inspired the pastoral team through the day in the life of Jesus.  It was good to pause, stepping away for a few beautiful autumn days in the mountains, enjoying that time with Jesus and with one another.

New Ministries

innovation riccardo annandale 7e2pe9wjL9M unsplashThe Intermountain District is looking for innovative, creative, and kingdom-minded leaders with a spirit of adventure to create new ministries and churches. If you have a unique calling and want to dream big together, Brent Deakins would love to connect with you for conversation and collaboration, to consider together what vision God may have for your life.

"See, I am doing a new thing!
Even now it springs up;
do you perceive it?"
Isaiah 43:19

Click to connect with Brent Deakins.


SLC Central Welcomes African Congregation

Salt Lake City Central Church of the Nazarene is located in a diverse area near the heart of the city.  Within a mile's distance of the church building are people representing around one hundred different languages and cultures.  As the church has sought to minister in its unique context, Pastor Jeremy Johnston received a phone call from Pastor Tito, an African pastor who had been leading a growing congregation and who was seeking connection with an established church in the area.  This newly-developing group now meets in SLC Central's building for worship on Sunday afternoons, and Pastor Jeremy and other leaders at Central are working with them as partners in the Gospel.

Block Party at Boise Euclid

Boise Euclid has a vision to reach their community for Christ.  Pastor Sam Bartolome at her team hosted a block party on Labor Day 2021, inviting people from the surrounding six blocks to join them, and they had a great turnout.  Several Boise State University students made their way out of the nearby frat houses for burgers, hot dogs and sides, along with a gift bag from the church.  Euclid's recent building remodel and landscaping have made their location more inviting, and they have added a Student Study Center lounge as a place for people to come.  The church also continues to build relationships through its partnerships with BSU, CRU, and AA.

Swahili Congregation at Boise Five Mile

2021 Five Mile Swahili mergeSeveral years ago at its annual NMI Convention, the district was challenged to consider a new perspective with this question:

What will we do when the world comes to us?

Ten years ago, Nazarene missionaries in Tanzania ministered to refugees fleeing from the Congo, some of whom eventually made their way to Idaho.  They found another Nazarene ministry, this time at Boise Five Mile.  Pastor Ben Turner and the Five Mile congregation welcomed these new friends from Africa and opened their facility for a Swahili-language service.  A year has passed since that time, and the two groups have officially merged to become one church with two congregations.  One of the leaders, Pastor Rehema Asumani, is now developing in ministry as part of the Five Mile staff.  We praise God for how He is working through the local congregations and the global church to share the good news of Jesus.

District Camp Meeting

District Camp Meeting 2021 was blessed by the dynamic duo of Pastor Scott Shaw (District Superintendent) and Dr. Verne Ward (Director of Global Missions) speaking about the Good News and the work of the gospel, both around the world and in our own lives.  In addition to the great music, preaching, and food at Trinity Pines, the Spirit of God was evident in meaningful conversations and the joy of shared experiences during that time together. We are so grateful for an amazing campground with such natural beauty, and for the joy of Jesus together -- including with marshmallows in Olympic fashion!  Thank you for all who joined us this year.