Girls' Camp 2021

What a fantastic year for Girls' Camp!  Campers in grades 4-6 spent an incredibly full week exercising their faith and their bodies at Believercise.  The amazing directors, Ashleigh Loeber and Anneke Wolfe, brought together a great team that led the girls in hikes, crafts, cabin games, recreation, and even a group Believercise dance.  Along with the activities, the girls spent time learning each day as an exercise to help grow and strengthen faith in Jesus.  A number of young ladies added a stake to the Trinity Pines Stake Garden as a symbol of their salvation through Jesus.  It was a great week -- and they are already looking forward to next year!

Boys' Camp 2021

Grady Harmon and Jayson Martindale directed a great boys' camp (grades 4-6) at Trinity PInes, joined by a host of volunteers who invested all week in the lives of the boys.  Pastor Grady reports:

Summer camp was a huge success!  We had the best week with 66 of the best campers around.  This year we focused on what summer camp is all about and broke it down into five main themes: being in God's creation, being in the midst of God's love, being challenged to grow, being one in brotherhood, and being sent out to share.  God really showed up this week as sixteen boys committed their lives to Christ or felt called into ministry.  Praise God!  We also spent the week playing games, singing songs, competing in a pinewood derby and earning Camp Cup Coins for the inaugural Camp Cup Challenge.  The Cabin Leader All-Stars were crowned Camp Cup champions after defeating the Camp Staff Elite in an epic dodgeball match.  We had such a great week at camp and can't wait until next year!


Concert Outreach at Nyssa

Pastor Steve Wilson has an amazing God-story -- ask him about it to find out more!  But here is the abbreviated version --

Pastor Steve was helping his daughter buy a car in nearby Ontario, where he connected with a tough-looking salesman.  As they talked, Pastor Steve discovered that the man was a gang-member-turned-Jesus-freak and had a rock band -- the "Misfit Army Ministry Team, based out of Nampa/Boise -- that shares their testimonies and the good news of Jesus along with their music.  One thing led to another and Pastor Steve invited the band to Nyssa for a free concert in the church parking lot, offering hot dogs, water, and food baskets from the Nyssa Food Pantry.  Around 100 people attended the event, fifteen went forward for prayer, and six were baptized on the spot!

Genesis Camp 2021

Genesis Camp once again created the perfect camp experience for our young campers!  Campers in grades 1-3 spent three days and two nights at Trinity Pines experiencing a variety of activities including chapel, the rock wall, crafts and snacks at the Jubilation Station!  This year's theme was The Cove, and campers (with their guardians) learned that God supplies all of our needs through Jesus -- even when stranded in The Cove!

This incredible camp was made possible by directors Sara Ross and Scott & Kym Slater, in addition to all the adults who participated with the kiddos.


District Assembly 2021: Empty Hands

God spoke to Moses from within a burning bush in the desert, calling him to lead the Israelites out of slavery.  It was overwhelming call.

Moses answered, "What if they do not believe me or listen to me and say, 'The Lord did not appear to you'?"

Then the Lord said to him, "What is that in your hand?"

"A staff," he replied.

"The Lord said, "Throw it on the ground." (Exodus 4:1-3a)

During the opening service of the 2021 Intermountain District Assembly, Pastor Scott preached from this passage as he spoke about our posture and attitude in the face of difficult circumstances.  What do we have in our hands, and what might God call us to do with those things?  Click here to listen: